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Gundam Bumper Stickers
for Lady Une:
I'm with stupid
You'd be paranoid too if everyone was out to get you!
for Quatre:
We shouldn't be fighting. Let's be friends.
for Duo:
Honk if you can see my Deathscythe
for Wu Fei:
Ask me about my Gundam.

Why'd the Chicken cross the road?:
Heero: According to the Zero system, it had no future on the other side.
Trowa: Chicken? That sounds so familiar... sorry, it escapes me at the
ROBOTICK: Being in Wing, it was probably confused about which side to be
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A few More bumper stickers:

On any of Kou's Gundams:
Drop Colony Here
Don't hate me 'cause I suck.
If you can read this, I'm still not dead.

Lady Une:
Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm a schitzophrenic and so am I.

On any of Hiro's Gundams:
My other Gundam is a peacelover. That's why I blew it up.

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