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I managed to squeeze the entire Wing series onto two VHS tapes (and the end
of another tape, but only a few episodes).
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<< Come to think of it, why isn't Sci Fi channel looking into the
 Gundam series? Sci Fi channel would be a better place to show Gundam
 of CN, and they wouldn't cut it up as much ^_^ >>

   Yeah, I have been thinking the same. Sci-Fi hasn't edited the anime that
they have shown, at least as far as I can tell.

  BTW, What's the purpose Sci-Fi's anime site ( As far
as I can tell its a standrad anime site, but why have an anime site, if they
are no longer showing anime? Its not there now, but the site was asking if
they should bring back anime.

  I only try to catch Farscape on Friday's. Maybe they could have a week day
anime block similar to Friday's block? I don't mind buying a short OVA or an
anime movie, but even if I really like a anime TV series, I bulk at buying a
40 some episode anime series, as I do not have a place that has tons of new
and older/old anime to rent. Before DVD came along, I also really wasn't
looking forward to how much room a few series can take up. :)

  So, when an anime series is released in America on tape/DVD only, I have
buy the first tape to see if I like it and if I do like it, I try to get
every tape, but then I'll only watch the series once or twice a year, even
its my favorite. I just cannot watch a series over and over again. I have
never reread a book I read. I read book after book and have never reread a
single one, even if I really like it. I just cannot reread or watch
something. A have a few anime titles that I do watch a few times, but after
that, I can no more.

With the extras on most anime DVD titles and the small size of DVD cases, I
intend to buy a few series then I would have. Wouldn't it be nice to have a
40 plus episode series on a single, digital medium that's about the size of
DVD disc?? ^_^

Wonder if digital storage will get this far in our life time!?!?


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