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>> >>a happy-go-lucky and violent
>> >> killer pilot,
>> >Where did he get those pants?
>> Polo players?
>He does look good when he's got the gloves, and mantle
>on too. The Hilde & Duo pic clinched it.

You mean the cap he normally wears? yeah, he looks spiff....but I still prefer
the UC era military stuff that Char wore....

>> >> and all of them are teenagers.
>> >Male teenagers, may I add. Damn the yaoi writers...
>> it could be worse. Imagine a female teenage
>> versionof Cima Garaha.
>In the same sense that you'd make a bishoujo out of
>it, fine by me.

hmmm...I guess we could agree on that.

>> >> anyway....just observing some basic silliness...I
>> >> still love GW despite all
>> >> that. At least the kids had great philosophy.
>> >Sure, and "omae wo korosu" works well with the
>> chicks.
>> I said good philosophy, not good courting and social
>> skills.
>But I still don't get it, Relena actually gets turned
>on by someone who threatens her so openly?

maybe she's a death freak or danger freak....someone who gets high on danger???

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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