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> I know its probably Off Topic, but just excatly how is Diablo 2 played
> a mouse? For an RTS, its no problem, but how do you dodge when you have to
> click where you want to go? I have never played Diablo, but am very
> interested in playing Diablo 2. So, I am not too sure how Diablo and
> two are controlled. Is it sorta like how an RTS is controlled?

Almost exactly like a RTS in terms of control. You click somewhere to walk,
you click on an item to pick it up, you click on a door to open it, and you
click on a monster to attack it.
I highly reccomend picking it up, btw. Incredibly fun game with huge
replayability and great multiplayer.

Now, for:
With all the talk of the original MSG airing on Cartoon network. .. no one
has asked the big question ... how are they going to pronounce Char? It's
going to be tough to convince american kids that its 'Sha' and not Char (as
in broiled).

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