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Wed, 12 Jul 2000 22:20:23 -0700 (PDT)

--- Richie Ramos <> wrote:
> >Suicidal is okay, typical anime stuff. But tank
> tops
> >and spandex shorts?! i guess I'd be suicidal too if
> I
> >wore those all the time.
> I think he's like einstien. he has one set of those
> clothes for everyday
> of the in a closet full of shirts and
> shorts like that, LOL!
> Pesonally, it's a bit more functional. I
> think...nothing to snag, etc., but
> I have to admit...he probably feels like being in a
> perpetual wedgie.

Heero: Oh Reeeeeleeeeenaaaaaa..... could you come here
for a while? ^_^

> >>a happy-go-lucky and violent
> >> killer pilot,
> >Where did he get those pants?
> Polo players?

He does look good when he's got the gloves, and mantle
on too. The Hilde & Duo pic clinched it.

> >> and all of them are teenagers.
> >Male teenagers, may I add. Damn the yaoi writers...
> it could be worse. Imagine a female teenage
> versionof Cima Garaha.

In the same sense that you'd make a bishoujo out of
it, fine by me.

> >> anyway....just observing some basic silliness...I
> >> still love GW despite all
> >> that. At least the kids had great philosophy.
> >Sure, and "omae wo korosu" works well with the
> chicks.
> I said good philosophy, not good courting and social
> skills.

But I still don't get it, Relena actually gets turned
on by someone who threatens her so openly?

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