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Whew =)
Some marathon coding sessions over the last week (taking away from my
prescious Diablo 2 time, at that ^_^) have brought about some new additions
to my Gundam Image Archive. The most commonly requested features have been
an ability to search for images, and more importantly, break down the
thumbnail display into multiple pages (in my UC archive, there are 2 megs of
_thumbnails_ right now). Since that would be too hard to do with static
content, and site maintenence is already getting to be a bit of a headache,
I wrote a complete database backend, searchable, online editable, and all
that goodness. It's getting really close to being ready (I was hoping to
have it ready before I went to Animethon this weekend, but thats not looking
likely), but right now, I need some people to hit on it, test it out, and
see if you can break it. Any feedback anyone can offer would be greatly
appreciate (other than on the interface. That's not finalized and it's
_very_ rough in areas right now, so I know it needs work).
Furthermore, only the Gundam Wing archive is online (even typing in keywords
for 76 images took a while, it's going to take forever to do all 260+ in the
UC archive) now for testing purposes.
So, I request two things from you all:
1. Hit and try out various
things. Note that the date search is temporarily disabled, as is choosing
the gallery you want to search through (with only one gallery, it wouldn't
do much anyway).
2. If anyone with a good visual eye for UC and alternate universe era Gundam
mechanics and characters would be interested in helping me maintain the
site, I'd like to talk to you =) Basically, at first i'd need a person (or
two) to go through the archive, correcting any mistakes I've made in
keywording images, and filling in blanks, etc. In the long run, I'd like
someone else to have the ability to add images to the database (through a
spiffy web interface, at that) to increase the frequency of updates.

The old archive is still online, and ideally, I'd like to have the new one
up and running by the middle of next week. Oh, and yes I realize there are
at least 2 duplicated images in the database, I haven't implemented a delete
function yet. That comes soon =)

If you do find any problems, hopefully you can reproduce them, in which case
please e-mail (not the list, i'm sure they don't care :P), or have any
suggestions please let me know.

Thanks =)

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