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--- Roland Thigpen <> wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Jul 2000 16:29:43 -0500 ROBOTICK
> <> wrote:
> >BTW, how exactly did he detonate those explosives
> when he tossed them at the
> >aires with his foot? Seems like it'd have an efect
> on him as well.
> >
> Probably timer detonated explosives. All he had to
> do was pull a cord (I think I remember him doing
> that) and then make sure it was far enough away for
> him to get whatever cover he could to survive. Kinda
> like a grenade.
> Although I don't remember seeing any scorch marks
> from teh explosives on Noin's Aires. Maybe they were
> only flash-bangs.
> Roland

Oh, that scene? I thought that all was for COOLNESS

He hold his arms up as Noin points the Aries' gun at
him, then leaps up (with the bag hanlde on his foot).
Noin of course will shoot. Just as she does, Wufei
kicks the bag towards the barrel as the shell comes
out and the shell hits the bag and it goes boom!

Total action movie coolness.

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