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> I couldn't find "Nataku" in my encyclopedia. It
> must not be very well
> known. Could someone familiar with Chinese
> mythology or someone who has the
> resources necessary please explain this?

I know why you can't find it, Nataku ain't Chinese.
Its jap for "serpent" or something, more or less


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> << His wife by arranged marriage is dead, and I
> believe he thinks that her
> spirit has joined with his Gundam, which is one of
> the reasons he talks to
> it
> all the time, >>
> Also, the reason he calls it Nataku all the time was
> because of either some
> ancient myth with a strong female warrior Nataku,
> and he thought his wife
> was
> the same way, after seeing her die in battle against
> a faction (No idea,
> Burke, anyone have an idea?) ,
>fightting just like
> this "Nataku", or maybe
> something like that....

Nataku in the AC Universe referred to the Female
mythological champion of the Long Clan. The Long Clan
was about to be exterminated by the Federation by the
use of biological weapons.

Trieze didn't like such dishonorable methods and
decided that he would destroy the colony's inhabitants
the "old fashioned" way. A battle between Treize's
forces, Wufei (in an unfinished Shenglong) and Meirang
(Wufei's wife, who rode the Tallgeese in that battle),
unsued. The biochem weapons were destroyed and the Fed
forces were driven away. Sally Po reported a succesful
mission to cover up for the colony. Meirang however
was mortally wounded in battle and died in Wufei's
arms. Meirang thought herself to be the embodiment of
Nataku, and in Meirang's honor, Wufei nicknamed
Shenglong as Nataku.

Sorry if I bored you guys. Anyway, i any are curius
about the other Wing pilot's pasts, ask me. Or check
some Wing fans sites on anipike. Or better yet, get a
copy of the Episode zero cds. (That is a very cool
piece of memorabilia)

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