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I read that Sci-fi is considering adding Slayers.

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> << Come to think of it, why isn't Sci Fi channel looking into the
> Gundam series? Sci Fi channel would be a better place to show Gundam
> of CN, and they wouldn't cut it up as much ^_^ >>
> Yeah, I have been thinking the same. Sci-Fi hasn't edited the anime
> they have shown, at least as far as I can tell.
> BTW, What's the purpose Sci-Fi's anime site ( As
> as I can tell its a standrad anime site, but why have an anime site, if
> are no longer showing anime? Its not there now, but the site was asking if
> they should bring back anime.
> I only try to catch Farscape on Friday's. Maybe they could have a week
> anime block similar to Friday's block? I don't mind buying a short OVA or
> anime movie, but even if I really like a anime TV series, I bulk at buying
> 40 some episode anime series, as I do not have a place that has tons of
> and older/old anime to rent. Before DVD came along, I also really wasn't
> looking forward to how much room a few series can take up. :)
> So, when an anime series is released in America on tape/DVD only, I have
> buy the first tape to see if I like it and if I do like it, I try to get
> every tape, but then I'll only watch the series once or twice a year, even
> its my favorite. I just cannot watch a series over and over again. I have
> never reread a book I read. I read book after book and have never reread a
> single one, even if I really like it. I just cannot reread or watch
> something. A have a few anime titles that I do watch a few times, but
> that, I can no more.
> With the extras on most anime DVD titles and the small size of DVD cases,
> intend to buy a few series then I would have. Wouldn't it be nice to have
> 40 plus episode series on a single, digital medium that's about the size
of a
> DVD disc?? ^_^
> Wonder if digital storage will get this far in our life time!?!?
> Aaron
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