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> >They wouldn't show the OAVs are all, they are too short. 08th MST >would
> >last a little over 2 weeks, so is 0083 and 0080 would only last >6 days
> >before having to repeat. They'll probably end up release on >DVD. It is a
> >lot more likly to go MSG, Z, ZZ and then release the CCA >movie in
> >theaters.
> That's not really a valid argument, considering that they ARE showing the
> Tenchi Muyo OVAs, which are only going to run just over 2 weeks
> themselves... And the Gundam OVAs fit far more seamlessly into the Gundam
> broadcast than Tenchi, where the Series is essentially a rehash of the

Agree, however, both Z and ZZ have some links in term of character to the
original series while the OVAs side stories. By showing MSG, Z, ZZ and CCA
the audiences are shown the bigger picture, while the OVAs would fill in
what else was happening in the world while the main story move along. It
makes more sense to show the main story before going into the side stories.

I have no problem seeing 0083 being shown on CN since it easily attracts
more fans with its action packed eps ^_^. However, 0080 is kind of hard to
imagine being shown on CN, its story yields itself easier to the more mature
audience. Come to think of it, why isn't Sci Fi channel looking into the
Gundam series? Sci Fi channel would be a better place to show Gundam instead
of CN, and they wouldn't cut it up as much ^_^

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