Richard Holman (
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 19:17:52 -0600

Well, since we are trying to see the funny side....
Picture some of the weird ideas that the Merchandisers here in the States would come up with to cash in on Gundam.

Space Colony Ceiling Fan
Mirrors are blades, the glass panels are the light fixture, you can have a Fed or Zeon model with either a Magellan or Musai shaped chain bob.

Gundam Last Shooting Electric Toothbrush
The RX-78 is posed in the Last Shooting stance (one arm up, looking skyward) out of the barrel a clear red plastic tooth brush, deluxe model lights up.

Haro Telephone:
Not as popular as first hoped, and few people got comfortable with the idea of sticking their head in someones mouth to talk.
adn of course...

The Tickle-Me Elmeth
You figure it out.....


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