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Could you scan that picture by any chance?

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> >What do people think the best retcon design makeovers are?
> >I'm personally a big fan of the Hygog, they took a really ugly,
> >fat MS and slimmed it down to something real cool and agile.
> >It's pretty much seeing that design firing a missile in a preview
> >for 0080 on a Cowboy Bebop tape that got me thinking "I've got to
> >check this Gundam thing out!"
> I like both the MSM-03/C Hygog and the MSM-07E Z'Gok retcons, which took
> and somewhat comical MS and made them both believable and truly menacing.
> my favorite 0080 retcon would have to be the RX-78 NT-1 Gundam, which
> captures the "transitional form" between the original Gundam and the
> And my second favorite is the RX-77D Mass Production Guncannon, which
> unfortunately never made it into the model line-up. Third would be the
> GM Commando, with its clear "glass" goggle and spiffy charcoal and tan
> scheme.
> My all time favorite retcon never made it to the screen, alas. It's the
> of the MA-04X Zakrello that appears among the "Zeon secret weapons" in the
> Era book. Here, it's all chrome with three-dimensional shark teeth and
> red eyes -- the ultimate recast of a joke of an MA into something
> scary.
> The original book is rare now: MS Era: Mobile Suit Gundam 0001-0080 (1990,
> Bandai, ISBN4-89189-474-1). You may luck out, as I did, I find it up for
> auction somewhere.
> It was recently reprinted, though, so get 'em while they last: MS Era
> Mobile Suit Gundam 0001-0080 (1999, Mediaworks, ISBN4-8402-1233-3) 3500
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