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> You forgot JOHN WOO'S GUNDAM, in which the RX-78 will carry a beam rifle

How Bout two GM Beam Pistols...

>in each hand, and fly through the air sideways, guns blazing, with the
enemy Zakus
>dying with bloody, excruciating agony. Paarticular Hand to hand combat
scenes will
>be in slow motion. Also, characters, especially Char will wear capes or
large coats
>so that the "blowing in the wind, slow motion walking intro" can be used to
full effect.
>Sunglasses and toothpicks will also be used to accentuate character

The Zabis would have to be Hong Kong Triads though...

>Chris Carter's Gundam: The Federation leaders are secretly working for the
>Zions. Char accquires a ten-pack-a-day tobacco addiction.

You mean no 'Char and Lala' or 'Amuro and Sayla' pair ups looking for the
of Federation government working with the Zabi 'spacenoids' to take over the

>Joss Whedon's Gundam: For every generation there is a chosen one. When
>one series ends, the next Gundam pilot will be called... (hey, wait a

Hmm you mean where the bad guy (Char) goes off and gets a spin-off series
all his own, and becomes a good guy fighting evil to attone for his past
At least Buffy and Angel don't have 5 Slayer Sentai teams, um wait, they do:

Buffy The Hero Character...
Willow The Shy Unsure character
Xander The Not-too-Goofy Comic Relief
Riley The Big Guy
Oz The troubled real-loner who leaves to look for a cure for his

Anya The Girlfriend
Giles The Professor/Scientist/Mentor guy
Spike The inbetween not-bad/not-good guy, took over from bad guy when
                 Angel left the series... (wouldn't mind seeing him as Char


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