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Don't worry,The picture in the manual showsa green S type. This
caused me a bit of confusion at first, but upon checking, I saw that
the R type does in fact have diferent leg backs.

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Subject: [gundam] I think something is wrong about the PG Red Zaku I
just bought...help!!

> hi,
> well, while I was reading the Instruction Manual (the
> one with all the pictures and texts describing the
> performance of Zaku, not the construction manual), I
> notice that the leg thruster part is supposed to be
> different from normal green Zaku, however, when I
> check the parts on the runner, it looks exactly the
> same as the green Zaku's thruster shown in the manual.
> I then took a look at the lable on the runner, it's
> clearly written "MS-06S Zaku II"...!! does that mean
> the manual screwed up or I got some.. defect product
> that Baidan slipped?
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