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>Another repost.

Camille: It's really a rooster. It crossed because its was ashamed of it's
feminine name.

Char: To avenge its parents by killing the Colonel who was responsible for
their demise.

Quess: Becuase the people on the original side of the road weren't paying
enough attention to it.

Shiro: Because it was in love with a beautiful enemy chicken on the other
side of the road.

Sanders: The curse would kill all of it's teammates on the next mission.

Eledore: Its first song was about to be released and it wanted to celebrate.

Michel: It was in despair because its girlfriend, BiBi, sent it a 'Dear
John' letter.

Monsha: There was a hot chick on the other side of the road!

Revil: It was going to give an inspiring speech after escaping from Zeon

Al: To get a better look at that cool Federation mobile suit!
Dorthy: Your wrong! The Federation doesn't have any mobile suits.

Misha: Because that's where the booze is.

Delaz: For the success of Operation Stardust!

Cima: The other side offered a better deal.

Jamitov: Spacenoid scum!

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