Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 15:16:44 -0700

- Did you hear about the failed movie title for Char's Counterattack?
  "Johnny Destiny's Counterattack?"

- Overheard in a Lunar bar with a view of the earth:
  "Man, this Quatrro Vagina dude is just duking it out with Jamitov Hyman.
   Must be a damn bloody mess down there."

- What is Delaz' secret aspiration?
  To get an endorsement deal from Rogaine or Hair Club for Men

- Why did Kelly (from 0083) have such a strong arm?
  (You supply the punchline)

- Did you hear about the Zaku III's surprise weapon?
  You mean the one where it lifts its skirt and flashes people?

- Why is Amuro attracted to older women?
  "Got milk?"

- Why did Annamarie defect from Crossbone Vanguard?
  She fears another accident by playing the peacemaker between two fighting

- Why are there so many female pilots in V Gundam?
  It's more tragic to kill them off before the audience gets to see them naked


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