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Wed, 12 Jul 2000 13:22:32 MST

Still More Bumper Stickers

On Char's Zaku (or his Gelgoog or any other OYW suit):
Daikun on Board

On Quattro's Rick Dias or Type 100:
Aznable on Board

On Char's Sazabi:
Messianic Nutcase on Board

On Kou's GP-01 (or GP-01fb, GP-03D or GP-03S):
Whining Looser on Board

On any overpowered MS/MA:
Shit Happens, TO YOU!

On Bernie's Zaku II:
Newbie on Board

On Misha's Kampfer:
Angry Drunk on Board

On Sanders's RX-79[G]:
Shingami on Board

On Karen's RX-79[G] (GM Head)
Angry Readhead on Board

On Quess's MS:
Petulant Child on Board
(would also work on Kou's MS)

On Zechs's Tallgeese (or Leo or Epyon)
Char's Clone on Board

On Garma's Gaw:
Baby on Board

On Crossbone Gunaam:
Bad to the BONE

On Blue Destiny:
Nobody on Board

On Kai's Guncannon:
Future Pullitzer Prize Winner on Board

On White Base:
Nursery on Board

On Agahama:
Rebel Scum on Board

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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