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I think the Zeta is sorta derived from several mobile suits, like the Gundam
Mark II, Hyaku Shiki, Rick Dias, and Methuss. It was designed by Camille
Vidan, and I think was put into limited production runs as both the
Zetaplus(Used By Kabala)and the RegZ Refined Zeta(Used By Londo Bell). I
think the S and ZZ series are also influenced by the Z as well.
There's also some noncanonical designs such as the Zeta prototypes, Zeta II,
the Zeta Mark II and the Zeta Mass-produced. You can find pics of them at
the mech domain
As for 2, I would check out Probal Nandy's(Crazy Probe's) site. Don't know
the URL, but it's in the links section of Newtype Asylum.
3)The FAZZ is from the Manga/Model kit series "Gundam Sentinel" I believe,
although I think there is a full-armor ZZ in ZZ Gundam, it is a different
type and called FA-10 or something like that.

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> I have a few things to ask, i hope I don't trouble anyone.
> 1. Could someone show me the evolution of the Zeta?
> 2. What's a good site for Gundam model reviews, besides Newtype Asylum,
> in english?
> 3. What show is the FA-ZZ in?
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