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>At 09:56 AM 7/12/2000 MST, you wrote:
> >>As much as I dearly love the 8th MS Gouf Custom, it's just that, a
> >>unit not a Retcon. My vote would have to be for the 0083 Dom Tropen,
> >>it's much more functional "Katoki" style design. Whether the Xammel was
> >>based on the new Tropen, or the other way around, the Tropen's
> >>armor and obvious jet intakes in the feet really revitalized the design.
> >>It's a shame it never got beyond garage kit status.
> >
> >I don't see what your thinking here. How is it that a previously unseen
> >variant of the Dom counts as a retcon while a previously unseen variant
> >the Gouf doesn't?
>Because, unlike the 8th MS Gouf which is often labeled as a Custom (Kai),
>Katoki's 0083 Dom Tropen has always been listed as just the Dom Tropen, not
>the Tropen II, or the Tropen Kai, or any other designation that would imply
>that it was custom design. It's always been presented as just a
>straight-out Katoki retcon.

I don't really see the difference here. Regardless of how they are labeled,
they're both previously unseen variants of known MS.


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