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Blackeagle writes,

>More bumper stickers:
>Shoot first, the answers arenít important.
>WARNING! My gun is bigger than my brain.
>Peace through superior firepower.
>(especially appropriate for monster Mobile Armors, the GP-03D, Wing Zero
>Gundam X!)
>For Char's MS
>Living well isnít the best revenge. Revenge is the best revenge.
>For Lady Une's MS:
>Weíre a paranoid schizophrenic and we outnumber you two to one.
>Any MS made out of Gundanium:
>Donít try it! Iíve got more hit points than you can possibly imagine.

Thanks to everyone who's been putting up bumper sticker lines and other
jokes... I'll go ahead and steal them all to use on Mecha Domain's Humor
Page. Don't worry, I'll only give credits with names/nicknames only, no
email addresses (unless you want me to). I've also come up with a whole
bunch of bumper sticker slogans myself, here's a few:

(On any Gundam from G Gundam): Keep laughing. I'm reloading.

(On any GM, Zaku or Leo): I break. Period.


Relena Darlean for Prez 2000

Giren Zabi for Dictator 2000

Sieg Zeon... or I'll drop a colony on your ass!

(On the Gundam X): Kick me! It might help my plot move along faster.

(On any GM, Zaku or Leo): My other mobile suit is a Gundam.

(On the Wing Gundam): Take my pilot! He keeps trying to blow me up!

(On any Gundam from Gundam Wing) Don't like my piloting? Call 1-U-DIE-NOW.

(On any large mobile armor i.e. Big Zam): WIDE LOAD.

(On Amuro Ray's original Gundam): Baby on board.

(On the Wing Gundam): Homicidal, suicidal nut on board.

(On the Gundam Deathscythe): Homicidal, sneaky religious freak on board.

(On the Gundam Heavyarms): Dangerously quiet, follically overactive clown on

(On the Gundam Sandrock): Unstable, touchy-feely, oversensitive girlie-man
on board.

(On the Shenlong Gundam): Confused, self-degrading, justice-obsessed twit on

(On the V2 Gundam): WARNING! Watch for flapping beam wings.

(On the back of any Gundam from Gundam Wing): NOW HIRING! Mentally
unbalanced former Evangelion pilots. Call 1-800-I-AM-A-NUT.

(On the asteroid Axis): Earth or bust... literally!

If they outlaw our Gundams, only outlaws will have them.

If they take away our beam rifles, can we use beam sabers instead?

Proud Supporter of the Preventers Agents Association. (Translation: please
don't write me a ticket! ^_^)

(On Lucrezia Noin's Aires or Taurus): Sexy, raven-haired, beautiful lady on
board! Honk if you're horny! (followed by one big, long, never-ending

(On Duo's Deathscythe): Jesus loves you... now go meet Him!

(On Usso Ewin's V-Gundam Core Fighter): HELP!!! I'm naked, it's freezing out
here, and my air conditioning control's broken!

(On Four Murasame's Psyco Gundam or Rosamia Badam's Psyco Gundam Mk-II): Got

(Picture of the good ol' Confederate States of America flag with a Zeon
crest emblazoned over it): The Sides will rise again! (I admit I'm a proud
Texas rebel!)

(Mobile suit mudflaps: picture of Yosemite Sam with a pair of beam rifles):

(Mobile suit mudflaps: silhouette of naked (insert your favorite female
Gundam character here) sitting on floor and leaning back... just like those
mudflaps on tractor-trailer rigs.)

(On Gyunei Gass's Hobby Hizack): My other mobile suit is a Jagd Doga.

Keep the funny stuff coming, everyone! Thanks!

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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