Brett Jensen (
Tue, 11 Jul 2000 20:41:03 -0700

Edward Ju wrote:

> Hmm... I forgot where I saw the new logo for the first time, but it was
> before the TV series came out on LD. Probably with the 08th MS Team LDs.

I didn't think that was on there, I'll have to pop in the first 08th MS team LD
tonight and see.

> You mean the one with the cheesy Tron background?

Hey, man. when I first got "seriously" into anime back in 91, all of my favorite
shows had that logo. It's kind of a sentimental thing. I was disappointed that the
new logo was on the 0080-83, DYRL and Project Eden DVDs that I've got. it just
wasn't the same. ^_^

---Brett Jensen

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