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Wed, 12 Jul 2000 08:01:27 -0700

>What do people think the best retcon design makeovers are? I'm personally
a big fan of the Hygog, they took a really ugly, fat MS and slimmed it down
to something real cool and agile. It's pretty much seeing that design
firing a missile in a preview for 0080 on a Cowboy Bebop tape that got me
thinking "I've got to check this Gundam thing out!"

As much as I dearly love the 8th MS Gouf Custom, it's just that, a Custom
unit not a Retcon. My vote would have to be for the 0083 Dom Tropen, with
it's much more functional "Katoki" style design. Whether the Xammel was
based on the new Tropen, or the other way around, the Tropen's squared-off
armor and obvious jet intakes in the feet really revitalized the design.
It's a shame it never got beyond garage kit status.


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