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The "trackballs" seem to have a full six degrees of freedom, and the
technical illustrations clearly show indentations where the pilot
grabs the ball, which could easily house pressure and direction
sensitive pads, that would give you far more functionality than a
simple button. If the pedals can be assumed to work the same way as
the Z and ZZ era pedals, then they have 4 or 5 degrees of freedom. As
far as computer controls go, all the CCA linear seats have a larger
surface area than the consoles in Z or ZZ, and the seats in CCA all
have additional flip-up panels on the sides of the seat to boot.

It seams to me that the flight controls in CCA have more actual
control surfaces than any other cockpit in Gundam, and I bet the
pilots don't mind that retractable airbag either.
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It's not that i don't like them. I just find it hard to believe. I
mean, you have two trackballs, one for each hand, and they dont' seem
to have buttons for each separate fingers. Then you have 2 pedals
and a tiny computer console. Yet, Amuro is able to do kicks, punchs,
flips, use all the weapons etc... (excl. fin funnel and other
newtype based weaponary).

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