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> > What do people think the best retcon design
> makeovers are? I'm personally a
> > big fan of the Hygog, they took a really ugly, fat
> MS and slimmed it down
> to
> > something real cool and agile. It's pretty much
> seeing that design firing a
> > missile in a preview for 0080 on a Cowboy Bebop
> tape that got me thinking
> "I'
> > ve got to check this Gundam thing out!"
> >
> > Chris
> Yeah, I thought the 0080 retcon of the Hygog was
> badass... It was actually
> that mech design that got me excited at the
> beginning of 0080 (Despite
> everybody's apparent liking of 0080, I thought it
> sucked. I mean, I like
> character driven stories a lot... But... I
> didn't like the characters in
> 0080. I thought Al was a weak main character
> [didn't like him at _all_] and
> Bernie wasn't anything special either. Chris was
> the only character I liked
> in the series. But then, I _did_ like the
> characters in Evangelion, so I'm
> probably at odds with a lot of folks... Hehe and
> I identified with Shinji
> in a lot of cases... Yeah I know... Maybe it's
> just because I have issues
> :)
> -


inconceivable! (princess bride sicilian accent)

the characters in 0080 were at least human beings.

the characters in eva, otoh, were all greatly
exaggerated pathetic wretches, that were more symbols
of hiddeki anno's equally exaggerated depression and
despair than plausible characters themselves. yuck.
that is why i dislike evangelion so much -- the whole
shebang isn't even a story, but an exercise in
catharsis that doesn't do diddly squat for the viewer
who's a normal human being. everything in eva just
seems so contrived into showing shinji as a character
you are supposed to sympathize with. and that didn't
succeed too well.

er...ok, that's just my violent opinion. :P

let's agree to disagree.


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