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Hrmm.. this is just a thought, but is G-Saviour supposed to be made so that
it's shown in channels such as Cartoon Network? Afterall, the Mitsusawa
showing on June 3rdwas shown in 2 sessions, one in a dubbed version in
Japanese and another in a subtitled version...


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> Remember that the typical American isn't as exposed to anime as most of
> people on this list. They'll watch anything anime they can get their
> hands on, no matter how horrible it is. (pokemon, digimon, monster
> etc.) Most don't even have enough of an eye for anime that they'd be able
> to tell the difference yet. I do think that hyping it up as the classic
> beginning is an excellent idea, though. Anime is really starting to
> popular here. I wouldn't be surprised if it began to air in prime time on
> other stations besides the Cartoon Network.
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> I was reading alt.anime.gundam this morning (a bit of a letdown, as far as
> newsgroups go. The GML tends to be a bit more "mature", i.e. Evolution of
> the GM here, vs. who would win in a fight, the Gundam wing boys or the
> cast of Dragonball Z. ick.), but I did see an interesting post. Someone
> was commenting on how airing the original Gundam series would flop,
> because of the dated animation and the fact that it wouldn't be accepted
> after seeing Wing. Someone replied to that and said that if they marketted
> it right, it could work (can't recall who, but this was a brilliant idea).
> Basically, market it in the same was as Star Trek, the old series. Hype it
> up as a classic that started it all...
> Imagine a promo trailer like so:
> <VoiceOver> For over 20 years, the Gundam saga has captivated audiences in
> Japan. 9 television series. 5 Original Video Animations. Three theatrical
> motion pictures.
> [Insert scenes from every gundam TV, movie, and OVA with the year they
> aired flashing over top. Scenes would include a mix of characters, mecha,
> and combat. Amuro entering the RX-78 in MSG with the manual in his lap.
> Amuro vs Char in person. Amuro vs Char in MS's. Camille climbing into the
> RX-178. Char in the Type 100. The GP-01 vs the GP-02. On and on, all the
> way up, showing God Gundam doing the God Finger, the Gundam X firing its
> satellite Cannon, and then the Turn A vs the TurnX. Quick takes between
> all the shots, but generally showing that its more than just mecha combat,
> although overlooking that aspect would alienate people who don't quite get
> it yet.]
> <VoiceOver>In 1999, we brought you Gundam Wing ... now, we bring you the
> classic that started it all ...MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM.
> [More fast takes between scenes from MSG, again, a mix of characters and
> mecha]
> <VoiceOver>In 1979, a revolutionary TV series forever changed mecha action
> on television. Now, for the first time on North American soil, go back
> to the beginning...
> [Using previously animated footage, character and mecha art, and new 3d
> footage (mmm can you say rotating wireframes of mobile suits?) introduce
> all of the characters, the political factions, and generally lay down a
> background for the series.]
> Hey, it could happen =)
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