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It's not that i don't like them. I just find it hard to believe. I mean, you have two trackballs, one for each hand, and they dont' seem to have buttons for each separate fingers. Then you have 2 pedals and a tiny computer console. Yet, Amuro is able to do kicks, punchs, flips, use all the weapons etc... (excl. fin funnel and other newtype based weaponary).

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  What don't you like about the CCA controls? I thought they were the
  neatest ones to show up in Gundam.

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  Up till now, my favorite cockpit designs are still the ones from 08th
  MS Team. They have separate controls for individual functions for
  the MS (i.e. they took into account of extra foot pedals for the
  thrusts and legs, if you notice, there are more "joysticks" for the
  hands, one set with finger controls etc...). The one that I find the
  most hard to believe is still the ones from CCA. Maybe it's because
  trackballs were just getting popular back then...

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