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>No... you're not alone. I liked Evangelion a lot and didn't find 0080
>all that wonderful - for one thing, the story seems to drag on with lots
>of glacially slow scenes. It is really no surprise that there weren't more
>Gundam stories fashioned after 0080 if you ask me. BTW, all the "deep
>tragedy" of 0080 wouldn't have meant jack if Bernie or Chris turned out to
>gay. ;)

I don't think so. After all, Chris and Bernie barely knew each other. What
really mattered wasn't their relationship with each other, but each of their
respective relationships with Al. The emotional core of the story and the
real kicker for the tragic ending was the big brother/little brother
relationship between Chris and Bernie.

The other part that I thougt made the ending work very well is the fact that
the only person who really knows the whole story is Al. His parents,
schoolmates, even Chris have no idea what he's been through. This means he
doesn't have anyone to share his grief with.


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