Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 11 Jul 2000 23:46:28 -0700

>Yeah, I thought the 0080 retcon of the Hygog was badass... It was actually
>that mech design that got me excited at the beginning of 0080 (Despite
>everybody's apparent liking of 0080, I thought it sucked. I mean, I like
>character driven stories a lot... But... I didn't like the characters in
>0080. I thought Al was a weak main character [didn't like him at _all_] and
>Bernie wasn't anything special either. Chris was the only character I liked
>in the series. But then, I _did_ like the characters in Evangelion, so I'm
>probably at odds with a lot of folks... Hehe and I identified with Shinji
>in a lot of cases... Yeah I know... Maybe it's just because I have issues

No... you're not alone. I liked Evangelion a lot and didn't find 0080
all that wonderful - for one thing, the story seems to drag on with lots
of glacially slow scenes. It is really no surprise that there weren't more
Gundam stories fashioned after 0080 if you ask me. BTW, all the "deep
tragedy" of 0080 wouldn't have meant jack if Bernie or Chris turned out to be
gay. ;)


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