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> What do people think the best retcon design makeovers are? I'm personally a
> big fan of the Hygog, they took a really ugly, fat MS and slimmed it down
> something real cool and agile. It's pretty much seeing that design firing a
> missile in a preview for 0080 on a Cowboy Bebop tape that got me thinking
> ve got to check this Gundam thing out!"
> Chris

Yeah, I thought the 0080 retcon of the Hygog was badass... It was actually
that mech design that got me excited at the beginning of 0080 (Despite
everybody's apparent liking of 0080, I thought it sucked. I mean, I like
character driven stories a lot... But... I didn't like the characters in
0080. I thought Al was a weak main character [didn't like him at _all_] and
Bernie wasn't anything special either. Chris was the only character I liked
in the series. But then, I _did_ like the characters in Evangelion, so I'm
probably at odds with a lot of folks... Hehe and I identified with Shinji
in a lot of cases... Yeah I know... Maybe it's just because I have issues

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