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What do you get when you cross Trowa Barton and a blow dryer?
Don King

How do you give Trowa a hint about his hairdo?
"Who cut your hair? John Deere?"
"Nice Hat"
"Did you get the license number?"
"So you're the guy that took my electric hedge clippers."

How does Heero Yuy spell his name? I don't know; look on the back of his
belt. (referring to his sense of fashion)

Things to remember when you're about to get into your first Gundam:
Don't bring your dog. Don't eat lunch on the way to battle. Don't ask for
a window seat. If you find a man in a turban with a live grenade sitting in
your cockpit, just walk away. Don't let those confusing doors get you where
the good Lord split you. Don't get in you unless you know you've got
insurance. Invest in some Velcro cupholders. If you don't know what
something does, don't mess with it. Don't pick up hitchhikers. Always go
out the same door you came in. Park only in designated areas. Bring toilet
paper. Bring a VCR and some canned chili for those long trips. Bring a
ballpoint pen to set the digital stuff and pick up a little money on the
side sky-writing.

All that glitters is not chrome; Bumper Stickers for your Gundam (the sticky
side goes down):
I brake for colonies
If you can read this, you're about to die.
This is going to hurt you more than it hurts me.
Honk if you love dying
I'm not wearing any pants ;)
My parents didn't beat me. Why should you?

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