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I got this off of the Cinema Japan Mailing List.


Breathe deep the gathering gloom, watch lights fade from every room.
Cold hearted orb that rules the night, removes the colours from our
sight, red is gray and yellow white, but we decide which is right. And
which is an illusion?

attached mail follows:

MACFARLANE TOYS (03 July 2000)
Take this anyway you want. The following is 100% unconfirmed, but is worth
mentioning anyway. A few days ago this post appeared on the ACTION FIGURE
TIMES website on their "Area Reports Section" (a bulletin board).

Posted by Grove City on June 30, 2000 at 17:02:35: "I have just read in the
Butler eagle (a local newspaper)an interview with Tony Grecco who owns the
United States right to the legendary toy and comic book line The Shogun
Warriors. In it, Mr Grecco (who lives in Indiana, but who has family in
Butler lets it slip that Mcfarelen Toys has reached an agreement with him to
BRING BACK THE SHOGUN WARRIORS!!!!!! Todd Mcfarelen will be restarting the
comic book with a darker overtone and it will be written by Garth Ennis and
penciled by Ron Lim. Mcfarelen himself will be designing the toys, and best
off all, true to the originals, they will be over two feet tall, just like
the used to be, and will have fireing fists and rockets and such. Another
major announcment is that while in the 70's the Shogun Warrior line featured
a Godzilla toy (both were licensed to Marvell and Kenner at that point),
this modern day group of warriors have reached agreement with Delhi to have
GAMERA involved!!!!!! There was not a whole lot more information in the
interview, but it looks like the main villian of the Shogun Warriors will be
Saten himself, and a demon warrior named Barkovic the Horrid. This was just
the first part o the interview in the papers collecting section, and I know
the writer, so I will be trying to find out more as it is known, but I know
how excited I am that the TOP toyline of the 1970s is back"
Who knows if this is at all true and, even if it is, if it's good news?
We'll just have to wait. . .

Jason Vilon
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