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Does'nt Probal Nady hang around that newsgroup?

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> << I was reading alt.anime.gundam this morning (a bit of a letdown, as far
> newsgroups go. The GML tends to be a bit more "mature", i.e. Evolution of
> the GM here, vs. who would win in a fight, the Gundam wing boys or the
> cast of Dragonball Z. ick.), >>
> Yep, its pretty bad, isn't it? :) alt.anime.gundam needs some "mature"
> that want to talk about other Gundam topics besides wing. This is another
> reason we need something like the original MSG series before anymore AC
> stuff. The people who've only seen Wing, need to see where Gundam's
> are. I would like to see Zeta myself, though. Then, maybe G or X.
> The series I want to see most are: MSG, Zeta and V Gundam. I also would
> to see ZZ Gundam and CCA.
> Aaron
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