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<< I was reading alt.anime.gundam this morning (a bit of a letdown, as far as
 newsgroups go. The GML tends to be a bit more "mature", i.e. Evolution of
 the GM here, vs. who would win in a fight, the Gundam wing boys or the
 cast of Dragonball Z. ick.), >>
Yep, its pretty bad, isn't it? :) alt.anime.gundam needs some "mature" people
that want to talk about other Gundam topics besides wing. This is another
reason we need something like the original MSG series before anymore AC
stuff. The people who've only seen Wing, need to see where Gundam's "roots"
are. I would like to see Zeta myself, though. Then, maybe G or X.

The series I want to see most are: MSG, Zeta and V Gundam. I also would like
to see ZZ Gundam and CCA.


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