Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 11 Jul 2000 15:59:13 -0700

> I just saw the first episode of this(With a Chinese sub in
>realplayer) and I have a few questions... 1)What exactly is going on? I
>can get it as far as Domon wants to find the guy in the photo and has to
>fight the Neros Gundam, but apart from that I'm lost.

The guy in the photo is his brother, who is missing apparently because he
stole some top secret technology from his country and has disgraced his
family. The episode kicks off as another round of Gundam Fight was about
to begin, sort of an "Olympics" whose outcome dictates who gets to rule
the colonies until the next GF.

>2)Is there any site with an episode guide to the series? G-Gundam info,
>unfortunately, is very scarce it seems...

Roger/Master Asia is probably your best source of info on G Gundam...

>3)What is the general guality of the models? I have a 1/144 Rose Gundam,
>but I noticed it is lacking in color accuracy, mostly the trim around
>some areas.

The 1/100 HG kits are fairly decent and won't need much painting. The 1/144
kits as a rule of thumb will always need painting to look halfway decent,
unless they were sold as HG kits like the ones from The 08th MS Team or the
Endless Waltz ones.


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