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A Feddie, a Titan, an AEUGer walk into a bar. Ouch.

Okay that was really bad. How about:

Amuro Rei, Bright Noah, Kou Uraki, Camille Vidan, and Char Aznable are all
in a transport plane thats going down in flames. Only problem is, there
are 5 people and only 4 parachutes. Bright Noah says "I'm the Captain of
the White Base, I must escape!" so he takes one and leaves. Camille Vidan
says "screw you guys, I watched my parents die right before my eyes!" so
he takes one and leaves. Amuro, Char, and Kou all stare at each other, and
when Char is just about to sacrifice himself, Amuro pulls out a gun and
ices Kou, and he and Char bail out.

Weak yes, but everybody hates Kou =)

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