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><< Let's just say that the Heeroics seen in the TV series was replaced by
> "teamwork", and whoever was supposed to be "dead" is not... >>
>Just tell us, or just e-mail me what happens different. i can't wait for all
>the graphic novel realeases...


There are a lot of different plot details, here are some of the glaring ones
that I remember (besides how sequence of events was switched around):

- Noin managed to assembled all 5 Gundam pilots and their Gundams on earth
  at the Sanc Kingdom. In the TV series she didn't enlist WuFei and Trowa
  until the theater has moved back to space.

- Romefeller Foundation, instead of doing a flat-out invasion of the Sanc
  (there's another spelling inconsistency there... I've seen it spelled
  every which way) Kingdom, pulls out their mobile dolls and drops meteors

- The character of Dorothy was portraited as a stereotypical airhead that
  demonstrates less maturity and intelligence than seen in the TV series.
  She was portrayed as a spy with her own agenda of stirring the pot so she
  can watch more "Gundam fights".

- When the Libra is being dropped, Howard or the 5 scientists instruct the
  G-boys and Zechs (who did not vanish in the explosion inside Libra)
  to power the twin buster rifles together (so you got 3 Gundams holding
  each rifle) in order to blow up the Libra.


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