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<< and since Z and ZZ Gundams come from around that time and might go on CN after MSG, I'm wondering if they're animation is AT LEAST up to DBZ standards(From what I've seen of Z it looks promising though)but I'm a little concerned about the 80's Gundams, as well as the first one.


Well, I certainly feel that the animation of ZETA GUNDAM holds up very well considering that it is 15 years old. The main thing that I see is that the animation is consistent throughout the show. It's not like the original Macross where I go through Mikimoto withdrawals every third episode where you can see the quality of the animation is very up and down, sometimes VERY down. (Just compare episode 24 "The Goodbye Girl/Showdown" to episode 25 "[Virgin Road/Wedding Bells")

ZZ is as good as ZETA in the animation department, but I'm not sure how well the story will go over. I think if they are going to use all that slapstick, they should go all out and make it as crazy and over the top as possible.

BTW, was Kyra really "getting off" in the R-Jarja in episode #11 "Star, Double Zeta"?

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