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80's rock hair is rad. Do you mean the long, frizzy stuff or greasers?
Speaking of the 80's, what was the deal with Heero's clothes? Didn't he
have like a loose green tank, biking shorts, and high tops? It's like they
were digging through my Dad's closet looking for costumes at the last
minute. I can't say anything about the others', except that Quatre looks
kinda funny.
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>Defying all physics? I have the same hair! It hovers over my right eye,
>except when I turn my head, then it switches sides. It's no miracle,
>you call several cans of mousse and a small motor a miracle.

All that one has to do, really, is look at all the bad hair from the '80's
to see how it's possible to come up with spectacularly impossible looking

>BTW, who is Wu Fei married to? I was unaware of this.

Meiran, Milan, Miren, or milen....and was nicknamed Nataku, I think.

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