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> I couldn't find "Nataku" in my encyclopedia. It must not be very well
> known. Could someone familiar with Chinese mythology or someone who has the
> resources necessary please explain this?

  Nataku is a (male) mythological hero, who if I recall correctly was an
artificial man originally made from raw meat (yuck!). Despite this
unpromising beginning, he went on to become a mighty hero and champion of
justice. While the character of this name in "X" is noteworthy for being an
artifical human, in Gundam Wing, Nataku's name is invoked as a warrior for
truth and justice.

  Originally, no explanation was offered for Wufei's nicknaming his Gundam
after Nataku, other than the obvious homage to a legendary hero. Some years
later, Katsuyuki Sumisawa, the head writer for the TV series, wrote a
spinoff comic called Episode Zero which provided in-depth back stories for
all the characters. This stuff isn't really canonical, and some of it is
downright silly (e.g. Noin being a uniformed OZ officer at age 13), but the
more hardcore US Wing fans take it very seriously (and write hectoring
letters to anyone who publishes stuff about Wing that doesn't recount every
gory detail of it, sigh).

  At any rate, as per Episode Zero, Wufei is actually a widower... his child
bride believed that _she_ was the reincarnation of the legendary Nataku, and
when Wufei calls his Gundam by this name, he's really addressing his late
wife by her pet nickname. Uhh... yeah, whatever you say.

-- Mark

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