Chris Maier (
Tue, 11 Jul 2000 17:16:37 -0400

It's not quite as dated as Ronin Warriors(Yoroidens) is, is it? I know that one of the reasons Ronin was'nt too sucessful was because of it's somewhat dated animation(Although some of the episodes looked really good, I thought the show had way too much frame sampling), even though it was made in 1988, it does'nt look as good even compared with anime of the day, (Which were mostly OAVS at that point),such as Dragonball, and since Z and ZZ Gundams come from around that time and might go on CN after MSG, I'm wondering if they're animation is AT LEAST up to DBZ standards(From what I've seen of Z it looks promising though)but I'm a little concerned about the 80's Gundams, as well as the first one.


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