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>No, Heero Yuy possesses the MOST powerful physics
>force in the entire anime universe:

it translates for all....imagne, in the local movies here inthe
Philippines, the enemy's gun always jams or runs out of amme, while the guy
's .45 acts like a machinepistol and always hits with every bullet.

>> Think of him as a controlled berserker.
>Or a damn lucky bastard (hey, he's even got that chick
>chasing after him all over the world).

i dunno. If Relena were chasing me like that all over the world, I would
be very tempted to kill her.

>> As for's basically martial arts
>> training. and a lot of hard living.
>Wufei is a married man. THAT is far harder training
>than your typical
>i-wanna-be-a-black-belt-kung-fu-master training.

WAS. anyway, that's another story...

>> Duo is your basic nasty little kid with a lot of
>> espionage and sabotage training.
>On a serious note, Duo was "immune" or at least
>unaffected by the virus that spread on thier colony,
>must be his genes. And without formal training from
>anyone, he was able to steal an MS from a military
>base... (Episode Zero)

i read that. it falls under medical miracle, I believe.

>> Trowa is a hardened veteran of guerilla fighting.
>> coupled with some of his
>> acrobatic training and his ability to seemingly go
>> into a zen-like battle trance,
>> he can and will look superhuman.
>His physical abilites are dwarfed by his
>defying-all-physics-in-the-world hairdo.

I dunno, a can of aquanet should do fine for hair like that.

>> Czechs is well, just plain damn tough...i would
>> suspect that the way he normally
>> pilots an MS would have made him used to the
>> parameters of teh Tallgeese....but
>> give him a long break from piloting, and he would
>> just as bad as the others
>> when it comes to tolerating the G-forces of the
>> Tallgeese.
>Unless his resistance is natural, then I guess its
>fine for him to take a break. But he won't be as good
>a pilot...

i meant his tolerance for the g-forces...that takes time to buld up, and it
goes down when a pilot goes on long breaks.

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