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Brett Jensen wrote:

> Alfred Urrutia wrote:
> > That's too bad. I only hope that we see more movies released in Japan on
> > laserdisc. I'll pay the extra money to escape compression.
> >
> > Alfred.
> Bandai has such ludicrously high bitrates that compression isn't really an issue,
> My DYRL DVD actually looked better than the perfect edition LD box. If you have
> the brightness turned way up you might see some artifacts.
> ---Brett Jensen

Oh, I don't mind animation on DVD so much since the color resolution is so low to
begin with compared to live action. But live action movies... ugh. The compression
is so noticeable sometimes that lock off shots that don't have anything moving in
them sometimes turn into stills like from a slide projector. But animation survives
fine. I'm looking forward to shelling out the massive cash for that Macross box set
DVD thing. Did I just say that? My wallet just kicked me in the ass.


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