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>Imagine a promo trailer like so:
><VoiceOver> For over 20 years, the Gundam saga has captivated audiences in
>Japan. 9 television series. 5 Original Video Animations. Three theatrical
>motion pictures.

Umm. How exactly are you counting these? I get rather different numbers.

TV Series
MS Gundam
Gundam Zeta
Gundam ZZ
V Gundam
G Gundam
Gundam W
Gundam X
Turn A

That's 8. Did I miss something? How did you get 9?

08th MS Team
Endless Waltz

That's 4. How did you get 5?

The movies are a bit more complicated. You can probably justify any number
between 3 and 10, depending on weather or not you count the various
compilation movies. The standard I'll use is a movie that tells a story not
told before in TV or OVA form gets in the original category, others go into
the compilation category (even if they have substantial amounts of new
footage, like the third MSG movie, their considered compilations if the
story is the same).

Original Movies
Char's Counterattack

Compilation Movies
MSG Movie 1
MSG Movie 2
MSG Movie 3 (I'm just too lazy to go look up the titles of these).
0080 Compilation Movie
The Last Blitz of Zeon
Endless Waltz Compilation Movie

The oddball here is Miller's Report (the 08th MS Team movie). From what
I've heard, it has it's own story, distinct from but linked to the OVA
series story. I guess which category you put it in depends on weather or
not the Miller's Report story stands on its own or if it's just a framing
device for recycled 08th MST footage. Maybe somebody lucky enough to have
acutally seen this can help me out here.

SNIP kickass commercial outline

>Hey, it could happen =)

It could and it's a great concept. One problem might be that what you
described is probably a two minute commercial, and I don't know how many
times CN would air someting that long. A better choice might be one 1
minute commercial stressing MS Gundam's place in mecha history (the first
2/3 of what you described) which would start running a 2-3 months before MSG
airs. Then another 1 minute commerical describing the history of the One
Year War, starting with the proclimation of the Zeon Archduchy and ending
with the Federation's V project (sort of an extended version of the MS
Gundam movie's opening monolouge). For visuals perhaps they could use not
just footage from the original series, but also the Battle of Ruum movie
from Giren's Greed and stills from MS Era (which would be very cool).

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