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Tue, 11 Jul 2000 12:38:58 CDT

Echo|Fox writes,

>I was reading alt.anime.gundam this morning (a bit of a letdown, as far as
>newsgroups go. The GML tends to be a bit more "mature", i.e. Evolution of
>the GM here, vs. who would win in a fight, the Gundam wing boys or the
>cast of Dragonball Z. ick.), but I did see an interesting post. Someone
>was commenting on how airing the original Gundam series would flop,
>because of the dated animation and the fact that it wouldn't be accepted
>after seeing Wing.

I've been pretty worried about this myself (as I'm sure a lot of you veteran
fans have, as well). But now...

>Someone replied to that and said that if they marketted
>it right, it could work (can't recall who, but this was a brilliant idea).
>Basically, market it in the same was as Star Trek, the old series. Hype it
>up as a classic that started it all...

(promo trailer idea snipped for word economy)

I think it's a BRILLIANT idea! Hype up the original Gundam series for what
it truly is... a CLASSIC... but at the same time, we can tease potential
viewers with "more to come", by also giving little hints of the "newer,
better-looking" Gundam series' that have followed since. Give people a
reason to watch... not necessarily for the old stuff, but to lay down the
foundation for the newer stuff that might (inevitably) follow. I like it!

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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