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> >So, explain the difference between Universal Century and After Colony
> >stories. Are they in alternate universes or different in every aspect
> >except for the discovery of Gundanium and the using it for building Mobile
> >Suits?
> Well, first off Gundanium doesn't exist in any of the universes besides
> Wing. The equivelant material in the UC universe is Luna Titanium, later
> known as Gundarium <-- notice it's spelled/pronounced differently.
> Note that in Wing, Gundams are called Gundams because they are made out of
> Gundanium alloy. In UC, it's the other way around. Luna Titanium is later
> known as Gundarium because it was used to armor the first Gundam.

There's also the matter that Gundarium is, as you note, a mundane material,
specifically an alloy of the titanium that makes up a good percentage of lunar
regolith, while Gundanium is one of those SF "unobtainium" fantasy materials
that can do just about anything you say it can. The one official treatise on
the subject, a booklet that shipped with one of the OST CDs, hinted at organic
self-repair properties.

Gundam is scientific, albeit with lapses into the fantastic, while Gundam Wing
is magical. Gundam's "lost princess" does her bit and then drops out of sight
to become a doctor, while Wing's princess comes into her own as Empress of the
Known Universe. Quite a difference!


> Specific Points (random order as I think of them):
> Many of the UC stories include Newtypes. However, these are only found in
> Tomino created shows, not in any of the OVAs.

Almost, but not quite. 08th MS Team springs a bunch of Newtype orphans on us in
the finale. They do not, however, have any impact on the outcome or change
anyone's views or ideas.

It should also be noted that Tomino's Newtypes have a religious subtext that may
be lost on Westerners, as his descriptions of Newtype awakening are strikingly
close to those of Hindu or Buddhist enlightenment (nirvana or, in Japanese,
satori). As has been noted on this list in previous posts, Newtypes have an
awareness and even kinship with the astral plane, hence the frequent communion
with and invocation of the spirits of those killed in battle. Tomino has done
this in other series, most notably Space Runaway Ideon.

> UC Gundam designs (and MS designs in general) are usually more military with
> much less of the over the top flambouyance of the Wing Gundams.
> Most UC Gundam shows seem to use a considerably more subdued color palate
> than Wing does. Much less of a 'comic book' feel.

Both the original Gundam and Gundam Wing were produced for kids with toy
merchandising in mind, hence the primary colors of the Gundam and the wild
colors for the enemy MS. The subdued colors and more realistic mecha came in
the sequels, although even my beloved Z Gundam can be an eyeful at times and
Gundam ZZ was such a lapse into the juvenile to have earned it 15 years of

By way of contrast and confirmation, note that Endless Waltz, produced for an
older and more sophisticated audience, also has subdued colors and more
realistic mecha.

> The UC Gundam universe uses O'Neil Island 3 type colonies rather than the
> wheel type seen in Wing.

More to the point, all of the colonies seen in UC Gundam are based on real-world
designs and concepts: the Bernal sphere, the Grey "Vivarium" cylinder, and the
O'Neill cylinder. While a case can be made for the Stanford torus being related
to the wheel-shaped colonies seen in Wing, there doesn't appear to be much else
in common. What's with that boom thingy that they use for docking? There are
Wing colonies with TWO wheels, like giant skates, and other designs that make no
sense at all.

Generally, however, the less said about the "scientific" underpinnings of Wing,
the better. Again, UC Gundam is SF, Gundam Wing is fantasy with SF trappings.


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