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I take it that you haven't seen the X-Men/Star Trek crossover that they did a
few years ago.


Now, I've read fanfic with Doctor Who meeting every other SF space or time
traveler you can imagine, which makes some half-assed sense given The Doctor's
premise, and I recall how Larry Niven adapted one of his short stories for the
ST animated series and thus introduced the Kzinti into the ST universe, but this
takes the prize for stretching two franchises to the limit just to rake in a few
extra $$$ in "celebration" of ST's 35th anniversary.

It would be as if Bandai had done a Gundam/Pokémon crossover last year to
"celebrate" the MSG 20th anniversary. (Imagine Haro as a Pokéball and the rest
becomes clear…! (>_<))


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> I always hate when they tie stuff together like that. It's like when the
> X-Men invite Superman to the mansion for tea.
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> << So, explain the difference between Universal Century and After Colony
> stories. Are they in alternate universes or different in every aspect
> except for the discovery of Gundanium and the using it for building Mobile
> Suits? >>
> UC is the "real/original" Gundam shows. All Gundam anime set in UC are
> related. As the 3 movies take place in UC 0079, 0080 takes place in year UC
> 0080, etc.
> AC is alternate Gundam stories that may have similarities to UC, but are not
> part of UC. AC is truly alternate and as far as I know, is not like a
> parallarl universe type of idea. I think it was for other's to have their
> own
> take on the Gundam theme. See what I am trying to say?
> Turn A Gundam was supposed to bring all Gundam shows together, including AC,
> but according to what I hear from people who have wathced Turn A is, Yes
> some
> UC mecha are in their, but I get the impression it doesn't really TIE much
> together.
> Some say its not, but since UC Mobile Suits are dug up in Turn A, the UC
> calander maybe be gone, but if digging up UC MS are any proof, Turn A seems
> to take place after some major natural disater or war, that was so big, it
> caused the UC calander to be forgotten and techology to regress to the
> extent
> it is in Turn A, at least on Earth.
> To anyone that can answer them, I have some questions:
> 1. What happend to Earth's technolgy from the UC period?
> 2. What caused MS to be buried? No more war? If its no more war, wouldn't it
> make more sense to just disassemble the MS and use their parts for peace
> time
> machines that need them, instead of burying them to rot? There's an awful
> lot
> of useful parts/extra parts an MS can be used for and it seems a waste of
> resources to just bury them.
> 3. Where are the space colonies?
> Aaron
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