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I was reading alt.anime.gundam this morning (a bit of a letdown, as far as
newsgroups go. The GML tends to be a bit more "mature", i.e. Evolution of
the GM here, vs. who would win in a fight, the Gundam wing boys or the
cast of Dragonball Z. ick.), but I did see an interesting post. Someone
was commenting on how airing the original Gundam series would flop,
because of the dated animation and the fact that it wouldn't be accepted
after seeing Wing. Someone replied to that and said that if they marketted
it right, it could work (can't recall who, but this was a brilliant idea).
Basically, market it in the same was as Star Trek, the old series. Hype it
up as a classic that started it all...

Imagine a promo trailer like so:
<VoiceOver> For over 20 years, the Gundam saga has captivated audiences in
Japan. 9 television series. 5 Original Video Animations. Three theatrical
motion pictures.
[Insert scenes from every gundam TV, movie, and OVA with the year they
aired flashing over top. Scenes would include a mix of characters, mecha,
and combat. Amuro entering the RX-78 in MSG with the manual in his lap.
Amuro vs Char in person. Amuro vs Char in MS's. Camille climbing into the
RX-178. Char in the Type 100. The GP-01 vs the GP-02. On and on, all the
way up, showing God Gundam doing the God Finger, the Gundam X firing its
satellite Cannon, and then the Turn A vs the TurnX. Quick takes between
all the shots, but generally showing that its more than just mecha combat,
although overlooking that aspect would alienate people who don't quite get
it yet.]
<VoiceOver>In 1999, we brought you Gundam Wing ... now, we bring you the
classic that started it all ...MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM.
[More fast takes between scenes from MSG, again, a mix of characters and
<VoiceOver>In 1979, a revolutionary TV series forever changed mecha action
on television. Now, for the first time on North American soil, go back
to the beginning...
[Using previously animated footage, character and mecha art, and new 3d
footage (mmm can you say rotating wireframes of mobile suits?) introduce
all of the characters, the political factions, and generally lay down a
background for the series.]

Hey, it could happen =)

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