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--- Richie Ramos <> wrote:
> I had always considered Heero to be an augmented
> human. Aside from obvious
> combat training, I would suspect that he has been
> trained to be honed in terms
> of reflexes and biochemistry...basically a person
> who can control his adrenalin
> surges, and perhaps even have extreme training for
> blast survival and other
> such. it's a possibility, along with possible
> augmentation and hardening training
> not unlike the real-life shaolin stuff. Granted,
> it's still a stretch of anime
> physics for him to survive falls from buildings and
> point blank explosions,
> but some extreme forms of training can make similar
> but not as extreme situations
> survivable.

No, Heero Yuy possesses the MOST powerful physics
force in the entire anime universe:


> Think of him as a controlled berserker.

Or a damn lucky bastard (hey, he's even got that chick
chasing after him all over the world).

> As for's basically martial arts
> training. and a lot of hard living.

Wufei is a married man. THAT is far harder training
than your typical
i-wanna-be-a-black-belt-kung-fu-master training.

> Duo is your basic nasty little kid with a lot of
> espionage and sabotage training.

On a serious note, Duo was "immune" or at least
unaffected by the virus that spread on thier colony,
must be his genes. And without formal training from
anyone, he was able to steal an MS from a military
base... (Episode Zero)

> Trowa is a hardened veteran of guerilla fighting.
> coupled with some of his
> acrobatic training and his ability to seemingly go
> into a zen-like battle trance,
> he can and will look superhuman.

His physical abilites are dwarfed by his
defying-all-physics-in-the-world hairdo.

> Quattre is the odd one out, inasmuch as he is very
> close to becoming a newtype.

I think the zero system is more like a bio sensor
instead of a psycommu system.

> Czechs is well, just plain damn tough...i would
> suspect that the way he normally
> pilots an MS would have made him used to the
> parameters of teh Tallgeese....but
> give him a long break from piloting, and he would
> just as bad as the others
> when it comes to tolerating the G-forces of the
> Tallgeese.

Unless his resistance is natural, then I guess its
fine for him to take a break. But he won't be as good
a pilot...

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