Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 11 Jul 2000 00:54:22 -0700

>In the Gundam Wing comic book I got (it's the one Viz Communications is
>distributing now),

You mean Mixx/TokyoPop has nothing to do with it now?

>it has Howard proclaiming Zechs Merquise as a Newtype, from
>what he's seen with his abilities.

Which scene was this set in? If you are referring to the part where
they retreived the damaged Wing Zero, Howard only noted that Zechs is
*different* than the rest. He never made any references to NewTypes.

>When they mention of Zechs being too fast for
>the Tallgeese in the TV show, they are noting a possibility of Newtype
>in him. However, series' without the initial director/creator of Gundam
>the production were not allowed to have newtypes in them.

If you mean without Tomino at the helm, they cannot have NewTypes in
the show, what about Gundam X?


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