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>hrmm.. the local model shop guy said that they're working on the PG ZZ
>(whether I believe him or not is another thing). But Mark II is definitely

>a really hot choice since it's one of the more popular ones...

I would be inclined to say that the Mark II would make a better choice. but
I seriously doubt if the G-defensor will ever come out as a PG attachment.

>Yeah, Hyakushiki would be nice. Quebeley would be an iffy one. The volume

>is pretty large, yet there aren't that many gimmicks compared to the other

>MG's that have come out so far (it has very few weapons too...). Any
>Sentinel series done in 1/100 would be pretty cool too. At least make it
>fully transformable etc... But I guess they'd probably want to sell off
>their remaining stock first (same as the Nu-Gundam...

Actually, I would think that the Hyakushiki will get an MG and PG treatment,
because it is one of the more flamboyant MS's which Char has piloted.

The Qubeley is not a good bet, because it's simply too massive, and with not
much bang for buck in terms of features.

As for the sentinael series...if they do make an MG of those things, I would
be amazed...after looking at the tech drawings on how it transforms, that baby
may just turn out to be the most complicated kit of all for the MG line, not
to mention have the most number of small parts that one can lose.

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